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not important.


released April 1, 2013



all rights reserved


nudephotosofcelebrities Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Threads
Sizes of the mazes comfort we grinning, mindless awkward ones.
As we sit alone in darkened rooms
Opening, opening our brittle wombs.
Agony, as we split open our wounds.
Spilling out in threads, what will undo you and me.
Save what we lack for a better day

When we wake tomorrow with frozen hearts,
we will blink out stardust,
we will blink out stars.
Track Name: Mosquito
I guess I'm over it
I guess I'm new
I still got that

Anger let's fight it
Tall order
Still violent
Same problems

A grab bag, of things that I'm made of
Rest inside of you
The things that stillllllllllllll... fix oceans

Then there was a child
He wrote a song now
And it high, and now he sings it
And it was hard
And it was high
And it was all that he was.

I want to have all the money, and I want to have all the power, and I don't want to work too hard
I want to have superpowers, but I just won't put in the hours.
I don't want to work too hard.

There was a town.
And it was dying.
And it was cold.
And it was crying.

It killed them young
For defying
The alchemy of occupying.

I am perfect
I am studly, and I have real true friends who love me.
And I don't want to work too hard.

I deserve a life worth living,
I don't mean genocide Thanksgiving.
I don't want to work too hard.


Track Name: Helplessness
Before you say anything, if I could do anything, anything at all to save you
In spite of God's will I would.
To heed your heaving reply, I finally find

I have your grace, and have your mind, and have your endless infinite divinity.
I have your heart in my eyes.

World, you are my Mother
Mother, you are my God.
And teeth and nail are valor
while skin and teeth are not.
Fold beneath the other or rise beyond the stop.

Is it right to fight in doubt what never knowing we embrace?

Resent all the summer
Sit down over the summer
Repent all the sum of time
Repent of the summertime
Repent all the summer

I wonder as I fall asleep, will I wake up?
And I wonder just what it means to be, and what it means to wake up.